Parakito Mosquito Repellent & Bite Relief

Eskimo's Review about the wrist band: "The reason that I had my first wrist band was just bcos it was pretty (My very very first thought), but then, it WORKS! I like the smell, I like the look, and of course it works well too! So, here I picked a few to share with all of you to try.  But just a friendly reminder, this product is suggested to age 3 or up, not bcos of the ingredients, it's purely want to avoid the baby accidentally eat the pellet."


Eskimo's Review about the bite relief:  "This bite relief works well on me.  I like the roll-on design that it's more hygiene but more important is that it stops the itchiness very quickly and on top of that it doesn't only works on mosquito bites; it also works on other insects."